Life Science Praxis is built around a team with complementary skill sets and is reinforced by a network of industry and scientific experts they can access easily.


Claude Nogard is the early phase expert: Claude, who lives in the Boston greater area, has an extended experience in Big Pharma where he has developed unique skills in working with global scientific and clinical experts in advising early phase development teams. Before co-founding Life Science Praxis, his latest position was Global Brand Director at Novartis, responsible for the first ever meningococcal serogroup B Vaccine to reach phase 3, Bexsero.


Laurence Mickalonis is the launch planning expert: Laurence, who lives in Barcelona, has worked for more than 20 years in Servier, Lilly, Novartis and Merck. She gained a thorough experience by leading the launch readiness of more than 10 molecules. Before founding Life Science Praxis, her latest focus was in Oncology and Rare diseases as Marketing Director for Oncology at Novartis.

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