Plan for success early Early market insight from seeding to launch

Identifying the key users and payers of the product and understanding how they will evaluate the new product, including the level of performance along several dimensions such as safety, efficacy, ease of use, etc., that will be required to move them to change current practices.

To maximize investments, «Big Pharma» have since started integrating unique market insights early in R&D through launch preparedness.Market insights integration has become critical to guarantee market adoption when establishing long term competitive advantage in any life Science company.

Life Sciences Praxis’s seed

Claude Nogard and Laurence Mickalonis, co-founders of Life Science Praxis, worked together in a major pharmaceutical company providing reliable market based insights into the clinical development of the company research portfolio. Through their career, they both acquired a unique know-how, notably in cancer and vaccines.

In 2012 they decided to collaborate again by founding Life Science Praxis in order to share their experience with life sciences companies, from seeding phase to launch.

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