Proven Expertise in Complex diseases

Why complex diseases are different?

At Life Science Praxis, we have real-life experience with technologies, products and brands targeting complex diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, «rare diseases». Translating your science has just become simpler: just define your product, we will define the communication platform that differentiate your product from the competition and meets business objectives.

We also have a broad experience in primary care markets.

Rare Diseases not only define major medical unmet needs, they have also become critical to accelerate market entry. However, they have unique regulatory and development requirements and need different approaches in a series of areas such as market understanding, key stakeholders, or life cycle management in order to untap their potential. They also require a unique positioning which can support market expansions. When it’s about rare diseases, our unique experience sets up apart.

Oncology is a therapeutic area where innovation is constant. Medical advances and new drugs appear at a faster pace than ever, while clinical practice and development are ever changing: the need to tailor treatment to each patient is leading the way to personalized medicine and necessary biomarkers… At Life Science Praxis, we «speak» Oncology.

Immunology and infectious Diseases represent areas of ever greater needs but never so promising with the leverage of vaccines as both prevention and treatment solutions. At Life Science Praxis, we have long developed real life expertise on vaccines development and commercialization.

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