We are Life Science insiders

Life Science Praxis Senior Staff have all together 40 years of experience in a wide range of marketing roles in Big Pharma.

Why is it important to count on industry insiders?

Constantly evolving disease patterns, subjective disease management, complex clinical trials, constantly changing regulatory and payers environment, is what makes the Life Sciences Sector so challenging for those not deeply experienced in it. Each disease, each market is different; appreciating the idiosyncrasies of each one is central to define a winning TPP, establish a technology platform development priorities, position successfully a new product, or conduct due diligence.

Armed to envision future trends and paradigms

Armed with databases and a network of opinion leaders and industry contacts, we have a solid foundation of knowledge to make critical judgments on disease management paradigms, technology trends, and clinical events that will occur in the future. In an industry where value is so closely linked to reducing risk, articulating a vision for the evolution of medical diagnostic or a therapy in a disease state is essential for effective decision-making.

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